Toronto Real Estate - St. Leslieville Lofts, a Church Conversion

St. Leslieville lofts Toronto 175 Jones Street church conversion

The St. Clement's church building in Toronto's Leslieville became 102 years old in 2015. The building is an excellent example of the Gothic Revival style. It has served close to a century as an Anglican house of worship, but the times are changing, and a number of old churches have been already converted into living spaces or are being considered for such conversion. The St. Clement's is one of them, and is being converted into lofts. St. Leslieville Lofts, as re-named by the developer Decargani Development Corporation, are now in a pre-construction sales phase.

The original church will contain 14 luxurious hard lofts, ranging in size from an 804 sq.ft. one bedroom flat to a 1890 sq.ft. two and three bedroom multi-level units. The builder intends to preserve as much of the original structure as possible, making only minimal adjustments in order to increase the small amount of light the church interior gets from its original windows.

St. Leslieville Lofts common space will include a party - wine tasting room equipped with individual wine storage lockers and a chef's kitchen. The building will also have parking, storage lockers and bicycle lockers.

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