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September 2nd, 2014 
Marisha Robinsky and Ellen Hanbidge
Sales Representatives

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Imperial Lofts in TorontoThe largest city in Canada, Toronto has an industrial past. Its factories, built in the 19th and early 20th centuries, over time became defunct, and are sitting on prime downtown real estate. Such buildings are a superb material for loft conversions.

Converting abandoned factories and warehouses into lofts can revive run-down areas of old cities, and provide interesting living space for artistically inclined individuals. Such conversions were initiated first in London and New York, and are happening in Toronto.

Wrigley Lofts in TorontoToronto has been experiencing a busy real estate market. High prices for freehold residences make it difficult for young people to buy property close to the city centre, where they would be close to work and entertainment. Numerous condominium projects have been comppleted or are under construction, but lofts are especially appealing to young buyers. They offer high ceilings, large windows, open spaces and industrial finishes.

Merchandise Lofts in TorontoHard lofts are the ones which were converted from original factories,warehouses or office buildings. Soft lofts are newly constructed projects with aome loft characteristics, like open spaces, higher than the condo norm ceilings, and finishes with industrial look.

There are over 100 loft buildings in Toronto, and more are being converted and built. For more information, and to request MLS listings of currently available lofts, please visit Toronto Lofts website.

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