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Loft interior with polished concrete floors and wood ceilingsMany people dream of living in a loft. The idea of loft living brings to mind images of artistic inspiration, beautiful soaring ceilings, high windows and wide open spaces. Lofts have traditionally been the preferred habitat of creative types---photographers, writers, musicians and artists. Now many families are choosing lofts as their home of choice. You may be asking, 'Is a loft right for me?' Several key factors will help determine if you are suited for the loft lifestyle.


While you will definitely have a lot of open space while living in a loft, prices per square foot tend to be higher than in other types of housing. With space at a premium in a loft, many people embrace a minimalist lifestyle and cut out the clutter. If you are looking for a space to store a lot of knick-knacks, you will definitely have room for them in your loft home, however you may not want to use the space in this way. On the other hand, artists and small business owners find the loft layout is perfect for storing their valuables without incurring extra storage fees.


Because most lofts have high windows and ceilings, heating and cooling your loft may present a bit of a challenge. Lofts are often drenched with sunlight which can make them unbearably hot in the summer. Cooling costs are often higher in the summer due to the sheer space that needs to be cooled. In the winter, heating may become costly for the very same reason. The higher square footage makes it harder to warm the entire area and it may take more effort to heat your loft. Adding heavy curtains to your windows may help to keep the loft cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Loft apartments and condominiums often have fewer interior walls to separate spaces in the unit. This gives the loft an open and airy feel, and allows more light to shine through. The lack of interior walls add to the sense of style of the loft, making it an excellent choice for renters or buyers who enjoy a cosmopolitan look. If privacy and defined rooms are important to you, the open feeling of a loft may not appeal to you. There are, however, companies that can erect temporary walls that can make your loft feel less open. You can also create partitions and divisions using screens to create rooms.

Live/Work Balance

For professionals that work from home, a loft can add an air of authenticity for their work. Artists, musicians and creative types love loft living for their inspirational qualities. In many lofts, you can separate an area to use as a workspace, photography studio or music room. If you are looking for a quiet living space, keep in mind that you may be sharing your building with musicians on a regular basis. The building's acoustics might make it more likely that you will be exposed to noise.

Fulfill your lofty ambitions in a towering apartment with floor to ceiling windows and great character. Living in a loft can be a dream come true. Start looking for your loft home today.

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