Brighten the Outside of Your Home, for Safety and for Beauty

Garden lights to decorate your home

Interior and exterior of a home require proper lighting to make both indoor and outdoor spaces more enjoyable. It takes some talent to know how to use lighting to transform any space to make it warm and inviting. Homeowners will be amazed with the results that can be achieved on a small budget as well.

In an effort to enlarge their living area, many individuals are transforming their backyards, patios and decks into places where they and their families can entertain guests, serve casual dinners, or just have a quiet place to sit and read a book on a warm summer evening. With just the right outdoor light fixture in place, a simple backyard can be transformed into a cozy and welcoming space. Include comfy patio furniture with extra-large soft cushions and a place to rest your feet, and you will begin to relax and unwind almost immediately.

Most recently, LED lights and solar powered lights have been changing the way home owners illuminate their residences. LED lights are so cost effective, long-lasting and safe to use that this type of lighting is fast becoming the mainstream lighting choice within the home design and construction trade; in the same way, solar power is also taking the industry by storm. Path lights and stair lights can be used to safely illuminate a walk path or stairway. Lighting these important areas will improve the safety aspect of your home while also improving its visual appearance as well. A well-lit walkway looks inviting, especially when numerous small LED lights are placed one after another in a repetitive fashion. Both direct and indirect lighting can also be placed throughout the landscape; this brings attention to specific areas of interest. Statuary, shrubs and flower gardens will come to life, even at night, adding interest and beauty to any patio, deck or lawn.

LED lighting is commonly white or clear, any color lighting scheme, however, can be used effectively to develop a certain mood within the landscape setting. One of the best features of LED lighting is the ability to have the lights set at bright or dim - this makes LED lighting a very versatile lighting choice. The most common variety of LEDs can be turned on manually, or they can also be activated with a motion-sensor. Motion sensor lights are perfect for those of us who are concerned with saving money and energy. For those homeowners who desire a more controlled lighting source, timer-programmed LED lights may be just what is needed. These types of LED lights may be set to turn on each evening at the same time and to turn off again each morning at precisely the desired time.

Lights may be recessed within a deck or within a hand post or railing. Recessed lighting looks positively stunning, either when installed inside or outside of a home. Stair treads are also a great place to install recessed lights, as having the lights within the stair treads offers a sure footing, even on the darkest of nights. Whenever possible, use solar lights, as this not only will save you money, but also is easy on the environment. 

Solar powered lights in residential gardenSolar-powered lights harvest energy from the sun to help power everything from sidewalk lights to hanging light fixtures. These solar-powered lights garner enough energy during the daylight hours to provide as many as eight hours of light during the nighttime. Solar lights need good exposure to the sky during the day to absorb adequate energy to power the lights. If your pathways, stairways, decks and patios are heavily shaded during the day, then solar lights may not be the right lighting option for your particular needs; however, LED lights are economical enough to use throughout the landscape, including the deck, patio and beyond.

In some cases, homeowners tend to use a little of both technologies. For those areas that are just too shady for solar technology, make use of the hard-wired LED landscape lighting. Of course, it is always a good idea to have a licensed electrician install any wiring required so as to achieve the best and safest results. LED lights are also being installed within solar-powered lights. This is the best of both worlds; long-lasting, highly efficient, bright light bulbs with the LED technology and a free energy source provided by solar technology.

The Internet is a great place to begin your search to find the best prices while learning what others have done in their own backyards. By performing a quick Google search, consumers will find hundreds of styles, prices and design ideas. For a sneak peek at what is being done with landscape lights, click on the images link to the left of the Google search bar; this will quickly take you to a page full of landscape lighting designs. With another quick Google search, you will find numerous reputable suppliers and installers in your local shopping area.

Whichever lighting design you choose, you can rest assured that the decision to light the outside areas of your home is a wise one. Criminals are less likely to break into brightly lit homes. Dark areas around large shrubs, trees and buildings should be brightly lit. By lighting the outside of your home at night, you are making a step towards making your home safe both for you and for your family.

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