Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom importance in real estate

Whether renovating for your own comfort or to increase the value of your home before listing it for sale, a renovated bathroom is one of the features that matter.

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, the choice seems to be infinite. The choice of materials and finishes will depend on available space and budget, as much as on personal taste.

In some older homes, particularly so in small Victorian residences, the original bathroom occupied a very small space. Some of these bathrooms didn't even have a sink. It is sometimes necessary to 'borrow' some space from an adjoining bedroom, but, unless the whole bedroom can be sacrificed for a different use without lowering the value of the home, this should be done very carefully and with great consideration.

To make the most of the space available for the bathroom, two questions must be answered:

- will this be the only bathroom in the house
- how many people will be using it

If the bathroom has to accommodate only one or two persons, it can be fairly small, and doesn't need large storage space. In a busy bathroom, however, size is important, and it is very convenient to have it divided into sections, so that more than one person can be using it at the same time. When faced with this option, it would be wise to consider building a second bathroom, even if it is located in the basement. The number of bathrooms and their quality play an important role when time comes to sell the house.

The most convenient space to locate the bathtub is at the back, and the toilet and the bidet are best placed on the same wall as the door, so that they don't become the focal point of the bathroom. There is a wide variety of bathroom sinks, in all possible shapes, sizes and materials. Small, loft-style, countertop mounted basins have become very popular lately. They do add a stylish look to the space, but are rather inconvenient in use. If the space permits, a larger sink will provide you with more comfort.

No matter whether large or small, bathroom should be comfortable and visually attractive. This is one of the most expensive rooms when it comes to materials necessary for renovation, and good planning is essential. One should remember that the result should remain attractive for many years. It is wise to use neutral colours for tiles and fixtures, as the trends change frequently, and what might be a trendy option today, tomorrow might become dated. Paint and accessories are the best and safest way to provide 'pizzazz' for this space.

Modern materials include large glass surfaces, such as glass shower enclosure, and large mirrors.

If renovating on a budget, it is always safe to use white tiles, and spice up the look with colourful wall paint and well chosen accessories. White tiles are much less expensive than coloured ones.

When renovating plans involve re-tiling of the floor, it may be possible to install a floor-heating mat below the tiles, if budget allows. It is an extremely pleasant upgrade, and adds not only day-to-day comfort, but also value when the house is eventually listed for sale. For a small space, like a bathroom or a sunroom, an electrically heated floor is more economical to install than water radiant heat. The heat can be turned on either before using the bathroom or by programmable thermostat.

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